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KIT CONTENTS: Chocolate Cookie Panels, Candy, and Premixed Orange Icing Pouch. Check to make sure the kit is complete.

COOKIE PANEL PREPARATION: Handle all pieces with care when unpacking, as the cookies can easily break. Carefully cut plastic shrink wrap away from cookies. Lay cookie panels out flat in a safe location.

PREPARE A BASE: Cutting board, cookie sheet, cardboard or plywood, at least 10” X 10” (25cm X 25cm) in size and covered in aluminum foil.



Icing is used to put the house together, to decorate the house and to landscape the yard. Knead icing pouch well before using. Be careful not to squeeze hard enough to pop it open. Cut approximately 1/8 inch (1/3 cm) off narrow spout corner of pouch to make a small opening. Gently squeeze other end of pouch to push icing toward opening.



Attach large, notched roof piece to iced tops of house peaks, ensuring curved edges of scalloped shingles are pointed in a downward direction (A). Hold in place several seconds as icing begins to set. Pipe icing onto long middle roof peaks (B). Apply large, non-notched roof panel atop middle peak section (C). Pipe icing onto remaining roof peaks and apply small, non-notched roof panel atop smaller peak section (D).



Side walls are embossed with windows, and roof panels are embossed with scalloped shingles. On rough blank side of back house wall, pipe a line of icing along insides of notches (A). With window-embossed side facing out, place side wall against back wall so that notches interlock with each other at a perpendicular angle (B). Repeat with front wall and other side wall (C & D). Allow icing to dry 10-15 minutes before starting roof assembly. Use a household item to prop up side walls if needed (E).



Repeat #4 steps with small, notched roof panel on opposite side (A-B). Allow icing on assembled house to set for 15 minutes before decorating your haunted cookie house (C). Complete drying time is 3-4 hours.



Break apart roof panel shown in figure A to make 2 small roof panels as shown in figure B. Pipe a thick line of icing along the tops of longest notched top peak of front and back walls as shown in figure C.



Allow icing on assembled house to set for 15 minutes before decorating your haunted cookie house. Complete drying time is 3-4 hours. Use orange icing to pipe colorful lines and shapes on the cookie panels. Use a little orange icing to stick decorations on house and in the yard.

NOTES: In the event that you experience any cookie breakage, repair with icing. For freshest taste, assembled house should be consumed within two weeks.

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