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Bee International, located in San Diego, CA, has been in the novelty candy business since 1970. Bee's success has concentrated around designing, developing, importing and distributing novelty candy and gift products from all over the world.

Bee International employs the highest standards in product development, generating the finest products at competitive costs. We have the expertise to know what consumers are looking for, and can take an idea from concept to reality in a matter of months. The result: an expedient response to consumers’ needs.

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Bee specializes in manufacturing and packaging in plastics, tins, ceramics, glass, and poly-resins. All plastic and tin components are extensively tested by leading test labs. We continue to maintain the highest standards of quality control and assurance.

Shipments are carefully coordinated from pick up to drop off. Bee maintains strong relationships with freight forwarders and freight carriers developed through years of experience across the globe.

Bee International has its own in-house art department and design team capable of creating a vast array of spectacular products, packaging and in-store displays in any medium. Our state-of-the-art design equipment and techniques enable us to generate viable products from concept through execution, encompassing the entire prototype development process.


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